2024 Spring Routine Care Days!

To better serve our clients, we are offering HALF PRICE FARM CALLS* if you are able to schedule your horses’ routine spring care on the days we have designated a doctor will be in your area!                        (No specific doctor requests for these visits)

Routine and preventative care includes wellness exams, dental exams and power dental floats, vaccinations, Coggins, sheath cleanings, recheck exams, fecal egg counts, de-wormings, and castrations.

How to schedule:
1.) Find your city or nearby city, and determine which Zone you fall in.
2.) Pick one of the dates we will be in your Zone and give us a call to schedule your appointment. We ask that you are flexible with your appointment time (no specific time will be scheduled as appointments are routed according to location), and call at least a week in advance. Priority will be given to those that call first.
3.) We will call you the day before the appointment and give you an estimated 2 hour window during which the doctor will arrive. We will call again the day of the appointment to notify you that the doctor is on their way. Please have your horses caught and ready for their veterinary visit. We reserve the right to cancel a scheduled routine care day based on low participation (less than 2 appointments in an area).

Preventative care days are intended for clients with only a few horses who are looking for ways to save a little money without their horses having to leave the farm. If you have 10 or more horses, please call and schedule a barn day where you will receive a different discount and have to option to request a doctor. If the dates listed do not work with your schedule or if you have other work that you would like done on your horse, as always, you may call and schedule an appointment at your convenience. If you are able to coordinate your visit with your neighbor(s), we are still willing to offer discounted farm calls.

Give our office a call to schedule your appointment. Call early for best availability!          651-583-2162

*Must pay in full at time of appointment



Dates (Monday-Friday)


North Branch, Harris, Stacy, Sunrise

March 18th ∙ 25th ∙  April 2nd ∙ 12th ∙ 17th ∙ 22nd ∙ May 2nd ∙ 7th ∙ 15th ∙ 23rd

 June 3rd ∙ 18th   


Rush City, Rock Creek, Rush Point

March 28th ∙ April 9th∙ 24th ∙ May 6th∙ 16th ∙ 31st ∙ June 10th  


Grantsburg,  Siren, Webster, Danbury

March 27th∙ April 4th ∙ 15th ∙ 26th ∙ May 2nd  ∙ 10th∙ 22nd ∙ June 4th∙ 20th


Frederic, Cushing, Luck,  Milltown

March 19th ∙ April 5th ∙ 16th ∙ 25th  ∙ May 6th∙ 14th ∙ 20th∙ 30th  ∙ June 11th∙ 26th     


Shafer, Taylors Falls,  St. Croix Falls, Centuria, Balsam Lake, Dresser, Osceola, Amery

March 18th ∙ 26th ∙ April 1st ∙ 10th ∙ 19th ∙ 30th ∙ May 9th ∙ 16th ∙ 24th   ∙ June 5th ∙ 17th


Wyoming, Chisago City, Lindstrom, Center City, Scandia, Forest Lake, Columbus, Hugo

March 22nd ∙ April 3rd ∙ 15th ∙ 25th ∙ May 1st ∙ 10th ∙ 23rd ∙ 31st ∙ June 12th ∙ 27th   


Isanti (S. of CR 5), East Bethel, Bethel, St. Francis, Ham Lake, Linwood

March 22nd ∙ April 8th ∙ 23rd ∙ May 3rd ∙ 13th ∙ 20th ∙ June 6th ∙ 21st


Cambridge, Isanti (N. of CR 5), Stanchfield, Braham, Dalbo

March 29th∙ April 11th ∙ 29th ∙ May 9th ∙ 17th ∙ 29th ∙ June 13th ∙ 28th


Pine City, Grasston, Mora, Brook Park

March 20th ∙ April 8th ∙ 18th ∙ 30th  ∙ May 13th ∙ 21st ∙ June 7th ∙ 24th


Hinckley, Sandstone, Askov, Finlayson

March 21st ∙ April 11th ∙ 29th ∙ May 8th ∙ 24th ∙ 30th ∙ June 14th ∙ 25th