Blood Work

Blood Work can be a very important tool in veterinary medicine for diagnosing and monitoring a large variety of metabolic and systemic diseases. At Sunrise Equine, we have the ability to run in-house Coggins, CBCs and Chemistry Profiles which allows us to get same day results. Other blood work is sent out to a laboratory and results are usually received within 1-3 days. Examples of common send-out blood work includes T4, insulin/glucose, ACTH, Lyme titers, EPM, drug screening, allergy testing, estrone sulfate, respiratory pathogens, and a variety of others.

In House Blood Work:
CBC: A blood test that measures red and white cells. This test can determine if the horse is anemic, dehydrated, or if the horse has a variety of infectious or inflammatory conditions occur in the body.

Chemistry Profile: 
A blood test that looks at kidney, liver, and muscle function and electrolyte levels. This test can give valuable information about the overall health of the various organs in the body.

Coggins Test: 
This common test is required for all traveling horses and must be current within the last 12 months. This test monitors for the prevalence of Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA).