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A few links every horse owner should know.

Access your Coggins (EIA) online

Chronic Progressive Lymphedema In Draft Horses
A great commercial site from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. You can research products, health management and PreventiCare, a unique equine wellness program created for all horses!
The American Association of Equine Practitioners website created for anyone wanting to learn more about horse health.
The Minnesota Horse Council is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1935 to help horse owners to coordinate horse activities with the Minnesota State Fair Board.
The Minnesota Board of Animal Health was created by the state of MN to protect the health of the state’s domestic animals.
A clearing house of unbiased research for horse owners. It provides horse news as well as info on upcoming horse events.
An excellent online guide to poisonous plants that may be growing in any pasture in the Midwest.
Information on the current research and prevention of grass founder and laminitis in horses and ponies.
An educational resource for information concerning equine disease, vaccination and area specific deworming.
The Intervet Foal Care ProgramSM is a comprehensive guide to healthcare from prebreeding through the foal’s first birthday.

Horse & Family
Horse and Family E-Zine is a monthly publication created by horse lovers especially for horse lovers. Each monthly issue is filled with photos, news and articles designed to educate and entertain families who have a passion for horses.

A list of local farriers for those who may be looking.
Horse Side Vet Guide.
Info on muscle issue.
Wisconsin rules and regulations.
Hay for sale by region.
Slow feeder hay nets and hay bale bags control the amount of hay your horse is able to consume at any one time.
Quarter Horse Genetic Testing Information